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Mirror 3700 Luigi XVI

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Bellotti Ezio - 3700 Luigi XVI - Oval mirror

The collection includes a mirror with floral carvings.‎ Antique decapè finish with gold and bronze.‎

Bellotti Ezio - 3700 Luigi XVI - Oval mirror
Descrizione prodotto
A careful choice of materials and finishes distinguish the collections of Bellotti Ezio.‎ The Louis XVI style, like many others, is part of the company experience and draws inspiration from the great cabinet makers of the past.‎ Creating a classic collection with the characteristics of luxury is a job that requires a long and proven experience and refined skills.‎ The materials must be chosen accurately, to be suitable for creating harmonious lines.‎ Furthermore, the choice of fabrics and finishes is essential to create an environment that reflects the personal tastes of the customer.‎
The Louis XVI style is embellished with lacquers with golds and silvers.‎ The reproduction, in the Louis XVI style of this refined and elegant furniture, is highlighted by the floral and geometric inlays inserted on the white erable plate.‎ The yellow onyx tops contribute to making it even more precious.‎

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Bellotti Ezio - 3700 Luigi XVI - Oval mirror
Product name

Mirror 3700 Luigi XVI


Ezio Bellotti

72 x h 142 cm


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Bellotti Ezio - 3700 Luigi XVI - Oval mirror