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Barj Buzzoni -Demetra - habito collection

Demeter is the Olympian goddess of Nature, the one who brings the seasonal change.

The artwork composed of three adjacent panels shows a cherry tree in bloom between two lines of light that represent the invisible intervention of the goddess of Nature, Demeter.

The artwork "Demetra" is part of the habito collection.
The collection was initially conceived as a way to bring back the forgotten sense of living in the home.

It is the place where true relationships are built and strengthened,
It is the place where men can be what they really are,
It is the place where art can finally be free and give meaning to reality.

Barj Buzzoni -Demetra - habito collection

Demetra - Day

Barj Buzzoni -Demetra - habito collection

Demetra - Night

Barj Buzzoni -Demetra - habito collection

Demetra - detail

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Barj Buzzoni -Demetra - habito collection
Product Overview
Demetra - habito collection
The artworks of the habito collection are made up of one or more panels adjacent to each other for large interiors.

Habito panels offer numerous customisation possibilities in terms of: Dimensions, Colours, Shapes and Subject.

The artwork is made on a wooden panel and fixed to the wall by hanging bars.
Other materials used are of natural origin such as alabaster powder and natural glues.

The design of the habito collection is developed internally.
Made in Italy - Handmade
Barj Buzzoni -Demetra - habito collection
Product name

Demetra - habito collection


Barj Buzzoni




with integrated lighting, hand-made, custom

Total dimensions of the artwork in photo:
390x300h cm
Individual panel dimensions:
130x300h cm
Artwork formed by 3 adjacent panels


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