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Rezzonico White Murano Glass Chandelier

Rezzonico White Murano Glass Chandelier

Lampadario Rezzonico Bianco

White Rezzonico chandelier with 24k gold decorations and blue details handmade by Murano glass masters, according to Venetian traditions.

Murano glass chandelier in “Rezzonico” style, one of the Venetian classics is the perfect combination of art and elegance. In white color and embellished with 24K gold leaf which gives a bright and unique touch to the chandelier. The gold used is 24K, as it is able to withstand the high temperatures, 1100 °, of the ovens containing Murano glass while retaining its purity and beauty. The details are blue in paste, or the white placed under the “specks” and treated with the utmost attention.

The Rezzonico chandelier is made up of bosses that fit one by one along the metal structure and define the arm of the Murano Rezzonico chandelier. The cups and the stem are handmade with the “balloton” technique, or the checkerboard effect.

We can modify the size, color and number of lights according to your needs. For your requests contact us.

Available in 6, 8, 12 lights version.