XL Waterfall

Almar XL Waterfall

The charm of XL Waterfall – available in external or built-in version – derives from its clean design and pure geometric shapes, customizable as to size and finishes.

An even wider water blade flows in a cascade of enveloping and unexpected feelings: the big quantity of water supplied by XL Waterfall allows a deep massage, from one shoulder to the other.

XL Waterfall

The shower system is realized in PVD Brushed High Brass

Posh hand shower

For an even more precious shower system, XL Waterfall accompanies with the charm of Posh hand shower, made of brass with the handle made of black rubber.

XL Waterfall shower system

To complete the shower system, our towel holder in PVD High Brass

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XL Waterfall
Product Overview
The charm of XL Built-in Waterfall is hidden in its minimalist style.
An even wider water blade flows from the wall in a waterfall of enveloping and unexpected feelings.
The big quantity of water supplied by XL Waterfall allows a deep massage, from one shoulder to the other.
The product is also available in external version.
XL Waterfall
Product name

XL Waterfall


Almar Creativity



35x8 cm versione incasso
35x8x6 cm versione esterna
Production process
Our philosophy takes us to realize every product component in our plants: the whole production cycle, from design to production and logistic, is managed by a careful and skilled inner staff, proud to provide only a perfect result.
The waterfall is available in all our finishes, among them the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). Obtained from the evaporation of the metals constituting the external coating layer, the PVD improves the functional features of the product, making it more lasting and resistant to atmospheric agents.
In Almar, we have been in 2019 one of the first companies in Italy, and one of the few in Europe, to introduce in our production stages the PVD., one of the highlights of our production.



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