Press accreditation

Press accreditation

Requests for pre-accreditation can only be processed via our website as from end February by filling in the request form (according to your category) in the MYSalone area

Accreditation guidelines

Please note that a Journalist Association press card is not by itself sufficient for the press accreditation.

Accreditation will be granted only to those who can provide the following proof of journalistic activity (including photojournalistic) related to the topic of the exhibition in question:

1. a byline articles published no earlier than 12 months before the time of the event
2. a colophon in which the applicant title is named, no older than 6 months at the time of the event
3. an email request/presentation from the chief editorial office. The email address needs to indicate clearly the magazine’s editorial office or the publisher, no private email addresses such as gmail, yahoo, Hotmail or other providers will be accepted. No pdfs or printed letters will be accepted.
4. A link to an online publication (webmagazines and social media posts) that is well established in the related industry community and that can prove an adequate reach. In these cases, advance accreditation is necessary due to the extra verification effort.
Online media of this type must have been in existence for at least 12 months prior the event, must produce regular entries and the most recent article relating to the topic of the exhibition must be no older than 6 months.
The accreditation of bloggers is totally at the discretion of the Press office.

Credentials should be presented in Italian or English.

We advise you that data received for the purpose of processing your accreditation may be also used for the clarification of queries.

The following groups of persons will not be accredited as press:
- People without journalistic credentials, such as account managers, sales managers, advertising managers or webmasters, PR consultants and private companions
- People who are exclusively active in social networks in a private capacity
- Professionals who are interior designers, architects, communication&marketing managers with a blog activity

The Press Office reserves the right to accept or refuse applications for press accreditation.
Once your request has been accepted, you will be sent via email confirmation of your accreditation and will be able to download your electronic Press Pass in the MYSalone area. Required for accreditation

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