Salone del Mobile Milano


The international event in the design world dedicated to the under-35s.

SaloneSatellite was the first event to focus on young designers, instantly becoming the unrivalled place for interface with manufacturers, talent scouts and the most promising young designers, and since 1998 runs again concurrently with the Salone del Mobile.Milano.
Its creation was essentially a declaration of faith in the creative potential of designers under 35. Many of the prototypes presented in the previous editions have gone into production, and many of the 10,000 designers who have taken part over the years, along with 270 international design schools, are now big names on the design scene.

Started in 2010, the SaloneSatellite Award is a further opportunity to facilitate contact between young designers and businesses. 

SaloneSatellite’s challenge has always been to imagine the shape of design to come and to try and imagine how future generations will forge a new, perfect balance between project, function and beauty. This year we were (again) going back to basics, dedicating the theme of the event to the Southern Hemisphere with the multimedia exhibition AFRICA & LATIN AMERICA Rising Design / Design Emergente. Each of the two sections has therefore been entrusted to people familiar with the vastness of their own countries. The renowned Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have taken on Latin America. The African side has been entrusted to Moroccan designer Hicham Lahlou, founder of the Africa Design Days.


9th edition for theSaloneSatellite Award competition: an international Jury made up of prominent figures in the design world selected the 3 most outstanding products. As of 2017, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo has also awarded a special prize. 

A major new departure this edition was SaloneSatellite’s participation in the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, an event launched by the European Commission and run and coordinated in Italy by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage (Mibact). This year’s award has gone to the emerging talent the Jury felt best represented the theme of sustainability.

Cucina Leggera (Light Kitchen) by Stefano Carta Vasconcellos, Italy

Ease of construction and assembly, compactness and financial accessibility are the main characteristics of the Light Kitchen, leveraging the sort of design approach and vision that will continue to hold good for the future.
Product description:
CucinaLeggera (LightKitchen) is a kitchen unit which can be assembled through the interlocking of seven elements, without screws or hardware. It is part of the CelerFurniture collection.

Tink Things  by Tink Things, Croatia

This project sees children not as small adults, but quite simply as children. Tink Things caters to their specific playful and sensory needs, helping them grow happily and with awareness. 
Product description:
The design approach considers wide spectrum of sensory needs while using therapeutic principles of sensory integration to design products that shape a comfortable and encouraging environment for all kids.

Soft Block by Yuri Himuro, Japan

The Soft Block fabric modules encourage the interaction and creativity of the user, like an unfinished project open to infinite variations and possibilities. They also demonstrate the ability of fabric to become a three-dimensional and modular element for decorating spaces simply and with a personal touch.
Product description:
This is a new home decoration object like a block toy. They provide new building experience that takes advantage of softness and allow you to twist and bend. You can enjoy how to grow them.

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 award
Savoa by Sakari Hartikainen, Finland

Right from the word go, Savoa exudes a pleasing balance of ecological thinking and aesthetic feeling. It draws on the ancient traditions of Nordic and Oriental design, melding them and propelling them into the contemporary world in a mature and elegant approach.
Product description:
Savoa is a delicately balancing side table that resonates to the ecological balance and mirrors the constant quest for harmony in our lives.

Banca Intesa San Paolo award
Claro by Mutarq, Mexico 

Claro harnesses the minimum to express the concept of sustainability to the maximum, thanks to its lightness, simplicity, ease of assembly and transport, and its inexpensiveness. It thus encapsulates all the basic tenets of sustainable design.
Product description:
Claro is a weightless and flat-pack bookshelf. It provides more storage with less material, using traditional glue-less carpentry along with CNC manufacturing.

Information and Services


17-22 April 2018 
9.30 am - 6.30 pm
Open to the general public


Milan Fairgrounds, Rho (Milan)
Direct entrance to SaloneSatellite:
Cargo 4





Exhibited Products

New prototypes for the home and office: furniture, furnishings and lighting designed and produced by persons involved in the industry, such as industrial design studios, students of industrial design, designers, architects; no manufacturers, whether industrial or artisan, will be admitted.