Salone del Mobile Milano


Discover all services available at the fairgrounds

General management
Exhibition secretariat
Press Office

Service Center, first floor

Exhibition secretariat
In all reception areas


Digital printing
Tel. +39 0243983104

Fiera Milano Offices reception
(with Lost and Found Service)
Tel. +39 0249971

First aid
Tel. +39 0249977210

Hardware shop (Bonfanti)
Tel. +39 0278626001

Insurance broker (Marsh)
Tel. +39 024540.2033

Newspapers and tobaccos
Tel. +39 029976.0527

Mobile +39 335222249

Police station
Tel. +39 023662.4324 - .4483

Rigging hire
Tel. +39 0249976393

Stand safety standards control
Tel. +39 0249976495



Tel. +39 0249977210

Telephone services TIM
Tel. +39 36620000



Vestiaire and luggage deposit
Cost: Euro 4 each
Reception pav. 1/3, 2/4, 13/15, 22/24, Porta Sud (Service Center hall), Porta Ovest (luggage deposit only)

Catalogue sale
In all Newspapers and Tobaccos shops, at Porta Ovest, Corso Italia (outside Service Center)

Bookstore Skira 
Reception pav. 9/11

Intesa San Paolo: Corso Italia, near pav. 9
Banca Popolare di Sondrio: Corso Italia, near pav. 1
BNL: Corso Italia, near pav. 5

Banca Popolare di Milano: Centro Servizi and reception pav. 1/3
BNL: Corso Italia near pav. 5, Porta Est
Intesa San Paolo: Corso Italia near pav. 9, Reception pav. 2/4
Banca Popolare di Sondrio: Corso Italia est near pav. 1, Reception pav. 5/7 and 6/10
Deutsche Bank: Corso Italia near pav. 1, near pav. 13