Salone del Mobile Milano

17 April - 22 April 2018

Rising Design / Design Emergente

Hall 13-15

AFRICA & LATIN AMERICA  Rising Design / Design Emergente

SaloneSatellite cast the spotlight on the south of the world: Africa and Latin America are two vast powerhouses of creativity and design, whose names conjure up geographies resonating with memories of ancient and noble civilisations. However, they are also embedded with many unique cultures. The exhibition “AFRICA & LATIN AMERICA Rising Design / Design Emergente” was the brainchild of Marva Griffin and aimed to disclose these many signs and meanings, taking us on a journey that changed how we perceive and view design. The Latin America section was put together by Fernando and Humberto Campana, whilst the Africa section was created by Hicham Lahlou, all of whom share the same in-depth insights into their respective regions,

The exhibition set the scene for SaloneSatellite 2018. In a deliberate effort to avoid duplications and rankings among the offerings of the protagonists of the SaloneSatellite, the thirty-six designers and design practices selected by the curators appeared in videos. Each sent in a message urging visitors to ponder the meaning of identity and belonging in the world of design. The result was a cultural legacy that developped of its own accord, nurtured by people who may or may not still live in their homeland. What emerged is cultural heritage, understood as a knowledge tool, built of influences and specifics, that manifests itself quite unintentionally, even when one no longer lives in one’s own place of origin. When this finds its outlet in design, becoming bound up with the universal culture of design, it becomes a finely tuned instrument for communication and for innovation.


"When we talk about design and art in general, we are not talking about a single Africa. Every part of Africa has its own raft of creative and cultural patrimonies, which converge into one single melting pot."


Latin America

"We wanted to give a small something back to everyone with the ability and sensitivity to share a design that is liquid."