Salone del Mobile.Milano MAGAZINE

Online starting from May

Stories, encounters, snapshots of the world of design and so much more. An intriguing, exciting and eclectic journey beyond the confines of design. The Salone del Mobile.Milano Magazine is all this and much more besides. It is a work in progress, a hub of constantly changing ideas, in which creativity, talent and inspiration make up the common thread. With a pacey and dynamic style and a cosmopolitan and creative outlook, the magazine will focus on art, culture and fashion as well as on architectural experiments, designs and works, with an eye to what’s happening in Milan, Shanghai and Moscow. Not to mention critical observation, and lots of people: portraits of artists, designers and figures from the creative industry and furnishing world, sketched simply, essentially and sensitively. The content aims to be absorbing, inspiring and enjoyable and, most of all, to capture and disseminate the beauty of our times and of the moment, with passion and with character.

istitutional partner

Intesa Sanpaolo

official partners

Cà del Bosco
Audemars Piguet
Fondazione Fiera Milano