SaloneSatellite: Waiting for the new designers

There may be twelve of them, plus an exceptional captain, but they’re not a football team. They are the members of the prestigious SaloneSatellite 2021 Selection Committee. Here’s the roll call: Andrea Borgogni, designer. Giulio Cappellini, Art Director, Cappellini. Beppe Finessi, design critic. Roberto Gavazzi, CEO, Boffi. Susanna Legrenzi, founder, Studio Susanna Legrenzi | Comunicazione Integrata. Andrea Lupi, Creative Director, Antonio Lupi. Fernanda Massarotto, journalist, Ėpoca. Silvia Nani, design & lifestyle journalist, Il Corriere della Sera. Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Chief Creative Officer & Stylist, Natuzzi. Nika Zupanc, designer. Ricardo Bello Dias, architect. Patrizia Malfatti, Head of Communication Salone del Mobile.Milano and Marva Griffin, Founder and Curator, SaloneSatellite.

They met on 28th October. Online. For the first time ever in the event’s 24 years of bringing together designers under 35 from all over the world and presenting them against the backdrop of the Salone del Mobile.Milano. It could not have been otherwise, given the need to respect and safeguard the health of all concerned. Marva Griffin chaired the meeting at due distance, from our offices, with her collaborators. All the candidates were scrutinised and not all of them made the cut. The sifting was done by people used to observing, producing and communicating design.

Nevertheless, a large number of designers – some of them really very young – have been motivated to get on with projects for showcasing at the next edition of SaloneSatellite. They live or were born in different parts of the world: Italy, Europe, United States, South America and Japan. They also bring with them, consciously or not, imprints of their provenance. As if to underscore the need for an identifying culture and a search for a new vocabulary to share.

The theme for the next edition is somewhat challenging: Designing for our Future Selves/Progettare per i Nostri Domani. It’s a hugely topical subject at this time of great upheaval, and there’s scope for design to play a leading role. The participants are not compelled to choose it for their prototypes, but those who do will be eligible to take part in the SaloneSatellite Award 2021.

That’s enough of a spoiler. All that remains is to wish the emerging designers luck with their projects and wait to get to know them.

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