From SaloneSatellite to Rinascente

      Budding designers blossom. From SaloneSatellite to Rinascente. A taste of the future for all our homes.

      SaloneSatellite and La Rinascente have joined forces again for the 7th year running, throwing open the doors of the department store to 9 international designers and design studios selected at the 2019 edition of the trade fair.

      From 17th October to 25th December, 14 very exclusive products, distinguished by their use and treatment of materials, environmental friendliness and huge eclecticism and positivity, will be on display and on sale at the Design Supermarket. These pieces channel a look that gives prominence to pure lines and shapes, exploring new intelligent yet poetic solutions, ancient materials and traditional techniques. They are products informed by intuition and simple actions and are a combination of technology, craftsmanship and emotion.

      The selected pieces and their authors are as follows:

      The Francesco Forcellini Studio in Milan knows no bounds to creativity. They imagine an object and can immediately envisage the process and material they will use to make it. Their objects, while elementary, reflect the innovation that they embody. Their feldspar porcelain Trace Vase has been created through a combination of 3D printing and craftsmanship.

      From lamps to tables to jewellery, by way of plates, the Jonathan Radetz Studio in Frankfurt endeavours to come up with ingenious solutions while respecting clean lines and formal simplicity. And they succeed in doing so. By finding a different perspective from which to observe the objects. The porcelain Olates Subtile plates, for example, send a message about the food habits and discrepancies around the world.

      Pieces by Studiomirei in Milan are repositories of traditional craftsmanship, because this is a way of further exploring sustainability. Mirei Monticelli doesn’t just revisit the past, but infuses it with new content and aesthetic definitions. The Nebula Lamp series is representative of this approach, made from a natural fibre obtained from the Banana-Abaca plant, whose properties enable voluminous shapes to be carved and modelled while maintaining their lightness and transparency.

      Achieving a lot with a little. That could be London-based designer Jflemay’s motto. Ease of assembly and disassembly, transportation and storage. Lightweight. Cutting down on material. His pieces prove that easy-to-make objects can be good-looking as well as intelligent. His maple plywood Table is on display at the Design Supermarket. It has no fixings, screws or other fiddly components, just like his Shelving System. Beside them is a small aluminium Table, also fixing-free.

      Andrey Budko sets free the characters enmeshed in the myths and legends of Northern Russia, turning them into everyday accessories. They live on in the real-life dreams of adults and children reluctant to sever the connection between the conscious and nature. Hear My Roooar is a rug that explores the cultural and technological evolution in Russian manufacturing. It is made of wool felt, like the traditional Russian Valenki boots, and rayon. Two million embroidery machine stitches were required to produce it.

      Formal elegance and an aesthetic solution for practicality. Baku Sakashita’s design approach embodies the spirit of Japanese design and makes light of ideal contemporary needs. Intangible yet necessary, they stoke the imagination. Suki is a collection of LED lights that combines semi-semi-translucent Japanese paper and stainless steel. The light generated by the LEDs shines through the paper and projects dreamy shadows onto the floor and walls.

      For most people, X and Y are simply two letters. Not for Hsiang Han Design of Taiwan, who identified them as the perfect joint structure, assemblable and replicable, for making furniture and lights. Undefined Y is a modular furnishing system made up of Y-shaped components, several types of connectors and LEDs. The components can be assembled as desired to create different functional solutions – from lighting to tables.

      Behind Pensiero Materia of Naples are Luca Alessandrini and Henry & Co and, most of all, the quest to make objects that amplify a particular message. In the ordinariness of everyday life, they try to encourage and distil thoughts and actions conducive to sustainable living. On display at La Rinascente is the Tomato collection, featuring a choice between the Centrepiece with a “calfskin” base treated only with natural vegetable oils and the Centrepiece with a clay base made from brick waste, air-dried and treated using a manual process known as “cocciopesto.” The collection also includes the Hanger with a “waste marble” base, obtained from the reconditioned by-products of marble processing, as well as the Pocket Emptier, made from next-generation materials.

      Giuseppe Galetta, founder of the Galao Design Studio, lives in Milan, which has shaped his design approach, open to social and cultural integration and the rituals of daily life. As evidenced by the Ode set of glasses, each of which contains a pendant for symbolically toasting friends near and far.

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