Salone del Mobile.Milano Award

      The three winners of the Salone del Mobile.Milano award are CC-Tapis, Magis and Sanwa, to whom three prizes of equal merit go for their outstanding contributions to the world of furnishing and design at this edition of the trade fair.

      Maurizio Riva of Riva 1920 is the winner of the Special Jury Prize, awarded by a panel of internationally-renowned figures – Chiara Alessi, critic, design expert; Stefano Boeri, architect; Giovanni Gastel, photographer; Angela Rui, exhibition curator; Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum in London – who circulated anonymously among the exhibitors in order to select the candidates.

      The prizes have been awarded to companies whose projects, products and displays at the fair stood out thanks to the quality and innovative nature of their creative and manufacturing process, of the technology introduced or developed, of their communicative power and of their display.

      President Claudio Luti had this to say: “The Salone del Mobile.Milano award, presented at a great evening of celebration at Palazzo Marino, in the presence of the Mayor of Milan, is intended to pay homage to the extraordinary vitality of a business system that, yet again, has given its utmost, helping to make the Salone del Mobile into a unique and indispensible event that is the constant focus of global attention. We felt it important to give public recognition to the huge creative, productive and organisational effort that has gone into ensuring the excellent quality of the goods on display in each of the pavilions, upholding the leadership role of the event and of the city, and to share in a joyful celebration that is a reminder of the fact that the Salone del Mobile is, above all, an emotion.

      The President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, Claudio Luti, also wanted to award a special prize to Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, in recognition of his tireless commitment to strengthening the ties between the fair and Milan and for ensuring that visitors to the event are met with a welcoming, inspiring and culture-rich city.

      The following are the official motivations underpinning the awards:


      Combinazione perfetta tra il prodotto e la sua presentazione. La storia dell’artigianato che incontra l’arte creando un’atmosfera suggestiva e coinvolgente. Tappeti fatti per essere toccati e uno stand da vivere.

      A perfect combination of product and presentation. Traditional craftsmanship meets art to create a suggestive and captivating atmosphere. Rugs made to be stroked and a stand to be experienced.

      A small ideal city inspired by the work of Andrea Palladio, with clear references to other great visionary Italians such as Giorgio De Chirico and Aldo Rossi, the Magis stand is a true example of an urban environment. Iconic products sit perfectly alongside new ones, inhabiting and communicating in an open space, in which it is not clear whether they are the guests or the protagonists of this magical story.

      Amidst all the frenzy and excitement of the Salone del Mobile, the Sanwa stand is an oasis, a breath of fresh air. Clean, minimalist, essential, the space allows the products to speak for themselves, with infinite examples of attention to detail and the equal importance of solids and voids.

      Maurizio Riva, Riva 1920
      I want to fight for a better world every single day, because there’s still no other planet on which we could survive.” A man whose heart is “half made of wood”, a man who knows how to appreciate and show off the infinite qualities of materials, while remaining firmly in the background.

      Date and hour

      20 April 2018
      20:00 - 22:00


      Palazzo Marino

      Istitutional Partner

      Intesa Sanpaolo

      Official Partner

      Cà del Bosco
      Fondazione Fiera Milano