Hicham Lahlou

Marva Griffin invited me to curate the African side of the video exhibition "AFRICA & LATIN AMERICA Rising Design / Design Emergente", an opportunity for which I am truly grateful.

My idea was to create an homogeneous mix of emerging young African and affirmed designers who have already gained something of a foothold, both within the continent and internationally. This allows the story of rising and emergent design to be told through the showcasing of more than one generation of talented people from all four corners of a continent that is a true melting pot of many different creative hubs, a continent of colours, music, diversity, creativity and thousands of different languages. In my opinion, when we talk about design and art in general, we are not talking about a single Africa. I’ve had the opportunity to explore many pockets of the continent in order to meet its creators, who constitute a great big family of iconic designers, artists, singers … that I’m really proud to be a part of. What I can say is that every part of Africa has its own raft of creative and cultural patrimonies, which, in the end, converge into one single melting pot.

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