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A story which began in 1953. A name that reveals the origins of the brand, the mass production of technologically sophisticated interior design objects.

In over sixty years, Tecno has fine-tuned its business path by liaising design culture with industrial logics, in-depth knowledge of materials with innovation, design with technology, working on every scale, from the product concept to the completion of interiors. Among the first brands to have a catalogue, to adopt an international view, to open showrooms on the most prestigious streets of major cities around the globe, Tecno embodies a pioneering vision and a different design language. Its innovative approach has made it possible to launch products which have become icons of design and prestigious accomplishments all over the world: “turnkey” projects, in terms of both furniture and layout, for workplaces, waiting areas and collective settings which translate the concept of tailor-made designs.
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PROJECT FACTORY - Tecno thus defined its identity as a “project factory”, whereby project is understood to be a global strategy that stems from all-Italian know-how to interpret the evolution of social and working paradigms, to develop new codes that express flexibility and customisation, moving forward based on conduct tied to mobility, keeping up with the pace of the rest of the world. The brand has chosen the historical buildings of the Caselli in the Porta Garibaldi former excise buildings 
in Milan - in the heart of the city - as its headquarters, and for its offices around the world it has picked the major cultural and business hubs in the most important capitals: Paris, London, New York, Ingolstadt, Wien, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, Warsaw, setting up its Labs there, which have become a place for research where architects, developers and contractors can meet and share a variety of multi-disciplinary skills. 

COMPANY KNOW HOW - Tecno has built up a collection of “original furniture, combining the independence and elegance of their design with industrial production principles”, all according to the design ethos of Osvaldo Borsani, its founder. Its products are contemporary evergreens, which have made design history: the 47 industrial patents and 5 Compassi d’Oro awards (among the many other accolades) demonstrate the brand’s special way of Imagining and building. But that’s not all, the brand has equipped these products with intelligence - being the first company to introduce the Internet of Things into offices – so they can connect to one another, with the space around them or with the users, confirming that ability to capture and anticipate changes while retaining a people-centric attitude throughout. 

TCLUB MILANO - The Tecno space at Caselli di Porta Garibaldi in the Centre of Milan has become TClub: an operative hub for recounting the evolution of working, conceived for a nomadic lifestyle consisting in an alternation of remote

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