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Fuoriluogo Chrome Design

Fuoriluogo is a company that creates handcrafted products and elegant art objects for furnishing ideal for embellishing shops, apartments, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and all those urban spaces that tend to the refinement of environments and to the refinement of details.

The creative mind of Fuoriluogo

The creative mind is Cristiano Iacobino. Visual-Milanese designer with thirty years experience in the decorative sector, Cristiano starts from his training as a scenographer reinterpreting and setting in an elegant and personal way some of his creations already used in the scenographic set-up realized during these years . The objects of Fuoriluogo have a unique taste design, recognizable, out of the commercial canons and that fits perfectly in any contemporary environment giving a touch of deluxe and refined elegance. 

Fuoriluogo, handmade products

With Fuoriluogo, the craftsman becomes a designer and the designer enhances the craftsman creating scenarios of beauty for any environment, through the use of “poor” materials (wood, resin, plastic, glass, etc.) worked to create objects of unique art of their kind. The very personal architecture of the forms (true aesthetic brand) – is combined with the rediscovery of the “artisan” touch as a decisive added value. The walls are covered with metallic shimmering and the mirrors that reflect skilfully metered lights, as well as the rough wood reinterpreted to give a fragment of light to the environments. The timeless taste for beauty therefore marries modernity. Raw materials become alchemy of personality and style. The rooms are filled with lights and shapes that make Fuoriluogo a distinctive and unique art brand.