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FOS Ceramiche-copertina

FOS produces porcelain home accessories, in constant balance between Art, Handicraft and Design

ANEMOS collection - porcelain and gold vases - FOS Ceramiche

ANEMOS collection - porcelain and gold vases

PORIFERA collection - green vase and bowls - FOS Ceramiche

PORIFERA collection - green vase and bowls

FOSSILIA collection - porcelain vases - FOS Ceramiche

FOSSILIA collection - porcelain vases

SPOROS collection-porcelain and gold vase-FOS Ceramiche

SPOROS collection - porcelain and gold vase

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FOS Ceramiche was founded in 1987 as a Manufacture of Art and Design in Faenza, the very center of ceramic production since the thirteenth century. In more than 30 years of activity it has treasured an unparalleled technological heritage, specializing in the processing of porcelain. The idea, the genesis and the philosophy of a FOS product encapsulate creative thinking, innovative challenge, constant research and quality control. The mission of FOS is to build new settings for the home environment, through interior design accessories, such as vases, bowls, centerpieces and wall decorations, inspired by the beauty of Nature.