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Dreamness, dreamability becomes matter

Rinaldi - Italian bed system presents itself on the market with the 100% made in Italy Dreamness and Valflex collections, designed by combining high levels of craftsmanship combined with sustainability, with products tested on comfort and ergonomics.

Rinaldi - Italian bed system

Dreamness Collection

It is the ideal collection of mattresses for abandoning yourself in the arms of Morpheus, migrating into the world of total relaxation for a regenerating rest. , inspired by the constellations. Both in the technical line and in the classic line, it offers a vast range of products, to fulfill the relaxation desires of the most demanding: from the most welcoming support of modern technologies, combined with scientific research, to the sustained support of traditional mechanisms.

Products capable of customizing the levels of ergonomics and comfort, hybridizing the naturalness of materials and technical materials.

It is looking to the sky that we imagine the possible trajectories of our dreams.
It is aiming for the skies that we try to glimpse the infinite paths of our desires which intertwined with the constellations.
It is focusing the gaze upwards that we address our prayers, so that they can be fulfilled.
It is when the stars dance that our dreams originate.
It is where the stars rest that our dreams are raised.
It's due to the stars shine that our dreams are illuminated.
It is where our dreams are born that Rinaldi creations take shape.
Antares - Dreamness collection

Antares made with a special stretch fabric in antistatic technofiber with cozy viscose that is pleasant to the touch.

Internal structure 100% HydroAir h 5 cm ultra-elastic with high density and breathability, with natural extracts of Soy and Coconut, recognized for their emollient and dermo-protective properties or Mind Foam® Memory h 5 cm with high density and breathability and 2100 independent springs in Super MicroPocket version with 7 zones of differentiated lift.

Antares - Dreamness Collection

Antares è il materasso con tessuto stretch in tecnofibra antistatica da 450 gr/m² con accogliente viscosa e piacevole al tatto.

Struttura superiore 100% HydroAir h 5 cm ultra-elastico ad alta densità e traspirabilità, con estratti naturali di Soia e Cocco, riconosciuti per le proprietà emollienti e dermoprotettive oppure Mind Foam® Memory h 5 cm ad alta densità e traspirabilità.

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