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Deltacalor - radiatori e scaldasalviette idraulici ed elettrici

Quality Made in Italy, unique technologies and design trends for heat at the service of man and his emotions.

Deltacalor is strongly characterized by an approach that incorporates technology, practicality and aesthetics. The constant Research and Development on materials, shapes, finishes and processes leads the company to the launch of major patented products, tangible evidence of real and concrete innovations.

Not only the heating elements, therefore, but also expression of an innate attitude in the search of the best way to provide comfort and well-being at the service of man.

High functionality, energy saving, easy installation, high quality are, in fact, the advantages of a production able to meet and anticipate the needs of designers, architects, installers and end users.

Therefore not just the heat emitting bodies, but also products which are expression of an inborn attitude in the search for the best shape and sense of beauty of modern life. A cornerstone of the company philosophy thanks to which Deltacalor is able to co-operate with important Italian designers such as Zito, Dell’Acqua Bellavitis, MID.

Dinamic Plus - Hydraulic Towel Warmer

Dinamic Plus - 3 products in 1: towel warmer, clothes horse and a washing drier

Stendy Short - Hydraulic Towel Warmer

Stendy Short - Hydraulic Towel Warmer with a clothes horse

FreeSystem - Hydraulic Towel Warmer

FreeSystem - Hydraulic Towel Warmer that can be combined freely - design Studio Dell’Acqua Bellavitis

Drop - Hydraulic Towel Warmer with Dehumidifier

Drop - Hydraulic Towel Warmer with a condensation dehumidifier and an air purifier

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
“We have built our success on a company mission that first and foremost aims at meeting the requirements for functionality, well-being and elegance of our more and more demanding and sophisticated customers. We achieve this thanks to our consistent commitment towards innovation, which we tackle with passion and know-how. Our recipe is simple but effective: 100% Made in Italy design and production, only using extremely high quality raw materials, transformed using sophisticated production processes, with a strong drive for energy saving and environmental sustainability."

Giovanni Pastorino, Managing Director
Quilt - Hydronic radiator

Quilt - Hydronic radiator - design Peter Jamieson

Harp - Hydronic radiator

Harp - Hydronic radiator - design Davide Vercelli

Bambù - Hydronic radiator

Harp - Free-standing hydronic radiator - design Studio Dell’Acqua Bellavitis

Valet - Electric Radiator

Valet - Electric Radiator with an ironing function - design Peter Jamieson

Harp - Hydronic radiator

Harp - Hydronic radiator with small shelves and soft lighting - design Marco Zito

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile