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Crafters of artisanal wood masterpieces, since 1956

Ceccotti Collezioni is located in the heart of Tuscany. A unique company recognized all over the world in the field of interior design for the ability to create ‘products of the author’, unique in their originality and constructive complexity.


Full Table + Piruette - design Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni


Ceccotti Collezioni Store - London, Chelsea Harbour


Flagship Store Ceccotti Collezioni - Milan, Via Durini


Oblique + Sweet Dreams - design Draw Studio for Ceccotti Collezioni

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
The 2020 Collection

The collection born from original shapes, new interpretations, development of inedited upholstered items and range extensions. Ideas and inspirations that open new horizons for Ceccotti Collezioni.

Roberto Lazzeroni is main character of the collection’s first chapter. The other performers are Draw Studio, Giuseppe Casarosa and Jaime Hayon, who will present his new products in September 2021, during the design week in the Ceccotti Collezioni Flagship store in Milan.


The Ceccotti Collezioni story heralds from Ceccotti Aviero, a company founded in 1956, specializing in the production of residential furniture and later in supplying hotels. The artisanal culture in furniture making and wood processing of Cascina, a small town in Tuscany, has allowed the company to have designers and skilled craftsmen that were able to experiment with new shapes and materials. This led to a design without ostentation of industrial geometries but also without aesthetic frivolity, with the scope of reconnecting objects to a tradition and to a history.

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In accordance with the life cycle of trees

Ceccotti Collezioni has always combined the excellence and quality of its products with environmental sustainability. If you have been lucky enough to receive from nature and to masterly mould such a valuable gift as wood, then you can’t help taking care of the environment it comes from.

That’s why every single step of the manufacturing process has been redefined with an ethical, environmentally-friendly approach, in the attempt to minimise its waste and environmental impact: from the energy sources to the packaging, including supplier election and the optimisation of the entire manufacturing processes.

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The green soul of Ceccotti Collezioni - The wood


The green soul of Ceccotti Collezioni - The wood


The green soul of Ceccotti Collezioni - The wood

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Manifesto Ceccotti Collezioni

Ceccotti Collezioni is the perfect blend of art and design to create hand crafted objects of desire that can be handed down from one generation to the next.
Tuscan roots that perpetuate the culture of beauty and craftsmanship in woodworking.


To offer an original point of view, forming the shape of the future, giving character to homes, offices, and living spaces around the world.


Craftsmanship | the perfect blend of our artisan’s know-how with an artistic vision, where every small detail is a masterpiece of Italian creativity.
Innovation | it is in our DNA, in our shapes, engineering and production.
Durability | time is our most precious material, to ensure that even our products overcome the barriers of time and trends.
Sustainability | every aspect of the manufacturing has been redesigned with an ethical and eco-friendly approach.
Integrity | our first and most important commandment, which has always and will always guide our every choice.
Solidarity | our employees are first and foremost people, people who have families, with different stories, not always simple: we’ve always offered our understanding,
empathy and collaboration with team spirit.


To conceive and create products with a distinctive design and a strong personality: the expression of sophisticated, not pretentious luxury.
To be Made in Tuscany ambassadors, and promoters of an unrivalled woodworking artisan skill.
To manufacture unique, perfect, elegant products with a dreamlike quality to them: so remarkable that they cannot be imitated or replicated.
To use essential ingredients such as solid wood and time, with a universal language that transcends every culture and language.
To craft timeless products that will represent true value for future generations.


Ceccotti Collezioni stands on the international market as a symbol of design and timeless luxury.
A passionate brand that wishes to leave an indelible and unequivocal mark thanks to its forms and service.
On the competitive scene, we are in the high-end segment of the market as a niche luxury brand, and we stand out for our design’s uniqueness, our production’s excellence, and most refined, exquisite materials.
We guarantee our customers reliability and durability in everything we do: products, services and communication.


We create, design and craft completely “in house” high design furnishing accessories, such as chairs, armchairs, sofas, tables, coffee tables, desks, consoles, containers, bookcases, beds, nightstands, wardrobes, lamps, home accessories, carpets and work systems.
We make every environment elegant, sensual and ideal for living.