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Bizzotto Italia

Contemporary luxury, the unique charm of Italian design.

Luxury Italian furniture lights up with contemporary intuitions to define a new design concept. A refined style made of surprising shapes, top quality materials and unique details to achieve excellence in every interior project. A classic soul, a contemporary spirit: Bizzotto Italia offers Italian design and workmanship furnishings that satisfy every desire for style, thus bringing Italian design to classy homes around the world.The collections are designed to dress the spaces as a complete project, in which all the rooms of the house interact with each other in perfect harmony and continuity of language. At the same time, every single piece of furniture can be admired as a unique and unrepeatable piece.

The experience of three generations and over 45 years of entrepreneurial history are transformed in the name of design, bringing a profound artistic knowledge of materials and workmanship to the contemporary dimension. Bizzotto tells the story of an Italian family that has succeeded over time in generating business and is today instilling its identity in eclectic collections which lend themselves to personalised projects. The new generations are bringing a cosmopolitan dimension to the company which looks to the future. The brand is therefore becoming the interpreter for a new way of experiencing inhabited space, the expression of a lifestyle that is constantly evolving through stimuli and influences from different cultures. An innovative system of doing business that gives substance to the idea of universal beauty, creating an unmistakable style that starts from Italy and communicates with the entire world.