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Family Business since 1975

Genuinely Made in Italy, AERRE ITALIA products embody a new concept in furnishing, where the elegance of objects and their ethical content are at the heart of the experience, driven by increasing environmental awareness and changing in consumer needs

AERRE ITALIA, a family history

AERRE ITALIA internally combines elements of value such as tradition and modernity, individual talents and industry, craftsmanship and innovation.

In 1975 Vincenzo Arena, a skilled upholsterer, founded AERRE ITALIA in his home town, Forlì, a major handcraft center in the Italian upholstered furniture sector.

His sons, Alessandro and Andrea,  breathed this air of craftsmanship from an early age, experiencing their father's company in every nuance.

In the 90s Vincenzo began collaborating with the most talented artisans in the area with a quality-oriented approach, enhancing an exclusively Italian production at every stage of the process.

In a short time AERRE ITALIA creates its unique range of customized products which is successfully presented to the market.

While France is the first commercial partner, over the years the sales of AERRE ITALIA take on increasingly international connotations.

Today, after more than 40 years of activity, 80% of its export turnover comes from 6 different markets.

AERRE ITALIA believes that innovating also means satisfying dreams and anticipating needs: not only inventing new stylistic or solutions for interior design and well-being, but also respecting the environment, with the use of state of the art technologies, new production processes, new materials.

Every project of AERRE ITALIA comes out from the creative freedom of Andrea Arena – chief Designer -  and from his originality, with a passion for objects presented in an unconventional way to reinvent  new uses and styles: empathic, friendly, enjoyable products.



ALBATROS - Rounded and enveloped shapes for a new level of comfort


BEATTLE - A real modular seating system that can be infinitely combined with each other


BYRON - Comfort enhanced by a super soft padding embellished with aesthetic tie rods


DODO - An intertwining of rounded shapes, curved lines will provide a new glance to your living room


DUMPHY - Modern design that privilege modularity, multiplying the possibilities of use of this model


FLOT - High back for perfect support, welcoming and compact in size


GEA - Reinterpreting shapes by dressing them in material and color


GEMINI - Informal elegance and stylish softness add a creative touch to settings


LIBRA - Constant temptation to enjoy its persuasive comfort


SAMBO - Deep and cosy, infinite configurations. Every detail reveals a sophisticated touch


YELLOW - Draws ligthness with its characteristic metal structure

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