A new campaign image for the 55th edition

A communication works when it harnesses the sociology of the times, thus the Salone del Mobile.Milano is presenting a new image encompassing both past and future to the "Salone people".


In the globalisation and digitisation era, all brand images are subject to ongoing revision in order to keep up with rapidly changing consumer needs, taste and choice. Encompassing tradition yet looking to the future, geared to underscoring the past, or the technology of tomorrow, permanent innovation.
As Einstein said: "I never think of the future: it comes soon enough", the line separating past and future fluctuates and today seems nothing more than a fleeting moment.

The Salone del Mobile. Milan, recognised as the global benchmark for design and the home furnishing system has evolved from trade fair to "must see" occasion, and its artistic language, permeating its history with visual and verbal synthesis, has held its public fascinated by its iconic area.

There has always been a strong bond between art and publicity, ever since the first late C19th posters were illustrated by the artists of the time, from Toulouse Lautrec onwards, since Campari commissioned Depero to design new bottles. Ever since Pop Art took its revenge with Andy Warhol, the famous Hyperrealist photographic images of the '80s and Postmodern borrowed from Futurism in homage to it.

A new holistic campaign image has to be inviting and celebrative. Tactical and strategic at the same time, stimulating uptake and underscoring the historic nature of the event. What could be better than a glance and a 55th edition? An eye and a number: semantics never fails. The eye acts a substitute for the product, or rather for the thousands of products that will be exhibited. The eye is the midfield of the seen object, but also a symbol suggestive of a vision. It was, in any event, the first symbol used by the Salone in 1960. It is its origin, its birth, and the early years of the early successes.

This is the creative image that Lorenzo Marini (Agenzia Lorenzo Marini Group) has come up with for the Salone: a message that picks up on our prestigious graphic origins, given currency once again by experience on various fronts and Lorenzo Marini's graphic skills, which have seen him become both advertising man and artist over time.

55 is an occasion, not just a number. Phonetically, it is musical, memorable, repetitive. But semantically it celebrates without being ponderous, it affirms a point of arrival, lends weight to the entire celebration. It proclaims that we have decades of success behind us.

Here, then, is the new campaign image: a cultural homage to artistic citationism reflecting '60s design in celebration of our origins, great rigour and acknowledged leadership, expressed through the colour black, the absolute backdrop against which the primary colours of numbers and eye, dates and promises leap out. The verbal message becomes even more assertive. "If you're not there, you should be" indicates that there are two levels to certain occasions, where one excludes the other, you're either in or you're out. It becomes a mental and spiritual involvement, the energetic centre of an event that is infinitely greater than its physical expanse.

The space becomes liquid in relation to its content, in a horizontal format the dimensions change with respect to the vertical. Once again, no longer a static page, but a banner, blurb, newspapers, three-dimensional sculptures and videos. Here the message becomes animated, becomes geometry, lines that form a tapestry design in which architects and designers are perfectly at ease and where a horizontal cut creates an eye that opens, triggering the colours and squares that will make up the two 5s.

The related video, like the graphics used in the advertising campaign, changes key for other countries, the copy becomes more conversational. Wow is both an aural and an emotive promise. "Come to the 55th year of Wow in design" is the headline inviting a call to action, to promote, to incentivise.


Primary colours close to primary colours on a black background communicate energy as well as seriousness; numbers close to an eye form a dynamic brand, a unique and novel visual element, yet reassuring like our past.
A level of cultural artistic retrieval that draws on the past but launches itself powerfully as an affirmation of identity, along with a verbally expressed elitist affirmation in which being becomes being there, a sine qua non condition.
This 55th edition is like a rebirth for the Salone del Mobile di Milano, an investment in creating through communication the Big Brand Feeling that will make this event into a contemporary icon.