Salone del Mobile Milano

Born at SaloneSatellite



Sofia and Anna, your design is very up-to-the-minute. There’s a lot of hype about storytelling and your projects really do tell stories about the production processes and the materials. What is it that attracts you in all this?

We are interested in objects and what they tell about our time and about our culture. We are fascinated with what an object tells about the time and context they have been made in. We have never talked about "storytelling" we have just been fascinated and curious about objects. 

We want all our pieces to have a direct expression, but often they also have story to tell, about the process, the material or the context the product was made for. Our objects often communicate a story about the design process, about the material it is made of or about conventions within the design field. We have worked with a magician, animals, computers and various machines to raise these questions.

Your modus operandi starts with an exchange of ideas, is developed through exploration and experimentation, all 3 things, democratically and unfailingly: was this a conscious decision or did it come about as you went along?

We develop the ideas as a team where all of us have different input. Together we create things that no one could have achieved alone. It is of course more fun to work together.

Provocation, emotion, experimentation, magic, irony. Not many people are lucky enough to enjoy their work! Are you ever afraid of getting bored one day?

Curiosity is important for a designer. New knowledge can come from many different places, literature, people you meet, travel, everyday life, it never stops. To get bored is also good, then you have to challenge yourself and your imagination in new ways.

Your launchpad was SaloneSatellite in 2004 and 2005. What do you remember about that time, how has it helped you and, if you were just starting out, would you take part again?

For us it was fantastic to come to Milan and exhibit our work. It was actually our graduation work which we exhibited for the first time. We got the chance to meet exhibitors from all over the world and we meet a lot of people that we have continued to collaborate with. Even if it is a lot of hard work it is good that it is totally your own exhibition so you can create your own world that describes how you work and what you are interested in. We would absolutely do it again if we started out now.

Swedish products (or many of them) are made by Italian companies. How does this partnership work?

Both Italy and Sweden have a lot of furniture industries and companies with a lot of skilled craftsmen and both countries share a great interest and knowledge in design. In this way there are a lot of similarities.

Italian companies are very passionate about design and often want to push the boundaries of what can be done which is fantastic. We love our collaboration with Moroso and Porro for example. It is very inspiring to work with people who have such a great passion and knowledge about design, together with them we have made projects that would not be possible with any other company.

For us every new collaboration is unique and we find a lot of inspiration in their unique features. 

International awards, glossy magazine covers and a dedicated exhibition at the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg in 2010. Is being successful easy or difficult?

Ha, ha, if success means working with something you love with your best friend, then I guess we have succeed. The design industry/world is a tough business with a lot of hard work but it is also great fun and never boring!