Salone del Mobile Milano

Born at SaloneSatellite

Federico Churba


Your calling card can be summarised by “explore the world and learn from it”. What important things has the world taught you?
I guess the exploring part should be the most important thing the world taught me. If we do not inquire, we seek to go a little deeper, then the fantasy is over. And here it comes again the world, a vessel of possibilities, a store of infinite raw materials whose shapes and qualities we remove, combine and synthesize to create new objects. So the world still has a lot to teach, and we believe we modify it with each thing we do, then the source becomes endless.

You’ve studied, live and work in Argentina, but you also work with Italian companies. Has anything in particular struck you about your relationship with them and the way they work?

Each company has its imprint, and these peculiarities are transmitted in each area that composes them, from their identity, their catalogue of products to how they work.
But in all cases, what always came to me with a lot of force is the entrepreneurial energy, flag of all industry, that I shake and also share.

You also teach at the University of Buenos Aires, you hold seminars and courses for architects and designers: what are the principles of the subject and ethics that you pass on to your pupils?

I strongly believe that creative activity is always accompanied by an act of giving. That ideas, when they are shared, grow stronger and faster, and that exchange is what produces an environment conducive to creation.

You’ve taken part in SaloneSatellite three times. Has it helped you in your career? Do any particular memories stand out?

The SaloneSatellite was such a turn in my career, a deep approach to manufacturers not only of Italy but of the world, to spread my work to the community, to the specialized press, and getting connected with emerging or established colleagues.
And great party, of course!

You opened your shop in one of the main streets of Buenos Aires in 2012. A somewhat unusual move. What made you do it? Are you pleased?

I understand your point of view, but if you take mine it should not be so unusual! Fashion designers made their own labels, why not us?
It is also the result of a determined environment mixed with an entrepreneurial culture, in Argentina we do not have a thriving furniture industry willing to hire our services. And yes! I´m very pleased. It gives me the chance to explore a different angle, also part of our duty.