Salone del Mobile Milano

Born at SaloneSatellite

Adriano Design


You’ve taken part in SaloneSatellite twice, in 2002 and 2003. What did it mean for you then and afterwards?

Taking part in SaloneSatellite is a unique experience for a young designer, an opportunity for international interface with people who do the same job as you and with a huge, global public. For us it marked a turning point, an opportunity to grow professionally, to understand the dynamics of relating to the press, to the public, to the clients. You have to be physically prepared to take on the rhythms of a week full of commitments day and night, like Salone del Mobile di Milano week, you have to plan everything carefully but it’s undoubtedly a magical week that brings great rewards to young designers. You could say taking part in Satellite is like a tattoo; it never goes away, it becomes part of you and keeps throwing up opportunities, even many years later.

Does SaloneSatellite have added value compared with other, similar events? Do you ever come back and visit it?

Everything about SaloneSatellite is unique, we’ve taken part in lots of similar events over the years but there are things about the Salone del Mobile di Milano that nobody can match anywhere in the world. SaloneSatellite is the must-visit for designers at the Salone del Mobile, you can still see uncompromising designs, young people who put passion before money and that’s what a designer would like to do every day, but saying it is one thing, doing it is another. 

Your projects are evolving constantly, beginning with those for the home. How do you imagine the domestic scenario of the future?

Good question, our societies (we call them our societies because we are living in many different societies at once and in the same place) are changing at an unprecedented speed in the history of man, you don’t even have time to imagine a future scenario before it’s been and gone, in an increasingly complicated world there’s always a growing need for simplicity and that is what design is, simple things, things that make life better, generate affection and last over time, things that are ethical.

People’s attitudes to consumer goods have changed, in particular, putting practical, targeted solutions before looks. How do your projects fit in with this new scenario?

It’s good news that people are beginning to open their eyes and are turning into conscious, evolved and informed consumers who are not swayed by persuasive messages or the ease of buying off the shelf. We have always believed that an object has a story and a soul and that buyers should know all there is to know about a product in order to become fond of it and enjoy using it to the full, otherwise they are just “consumers” not “users”.

What does the term company-designer mean to you?

We could answer this question in book form, and perhaps we will write it sooner or later.
We have had and do have companies of all sizes as clients; the emotion involved with relaunching a company on its last legs or starting a company from scratch is our greatest reward. Watching a product become the soul of a company, seeing that all the employees are enthusiastic and proud of being part of the business, that designers and entrepreneurs are “playing” side by side with a common purpose, sharing all the decisions, arouse unique emotions that fully make up for the enormous amount of effort. However, there are not that many instances of “equal” relationships or “understanding” between designers and companies, but they should be assiduously and doggedly pursued, because it takes that combination to create products destined for guaranteed success and tremendous satisfaction.