Salone del Mobile Milano

Workplace3.0 2019

Workplace3.0 is conceived as an irreplaceable think tank for finding out about and understanding upcoming necessary changes to workspaces. More than just an exhibition, it is a starting point for stimulating forward-looking ideas capable of catering to a changing market and changing needs.

As from 2015, the Salone dedicated to the workplace has taken on the new designation Workplace3.0, an innovative exhibition area devoted to design and technology in workspace planning, that confirms its new vocation as an exploration of brand-new approaches, forms and solutions to the workplace "of the future", in which the human factor and smart technologies have a vital role to play.

Workplace3.0 2017 has occupied almost 10,000 square metres of exhibition space and host more than 100 exhibiting companies working on solutions that dovetail with the new ways of working and the new design requisites for “inhabiting” the workspace.

The world of work is changing rapidly, along with the actual concept of work: new methods call for different workspaces. Workplace3.0, devoted to design and technology, is the best-equipped event to respond to this shift and to market demand. It showcases  the finest products designed for procurement plans, reception areas and office spaces.

The Workplace3.0 pavilions has hosted A Joyful Sense at Work, an event/exhibit curated by Cristiana Cutrona first announced in 2016, giving form and life to the latest theories of office product and workspace design, through four installations, each representative of the cultural characteristics of the international architects’ areas of provenance. America, Asia and Europe produced by Primo Orpilla Verda Alexander/Studio O+A (United States), Arash Ahmadi/ Ahmadi Studio (Iran), Ben van Berkel/ UNStudio and Jeff Povlo/SCAPE (Holland) and Alfonso Femia and Gianluca Peluffo/Studio 5+1AA (Italy).

Exhibited Products

Executive office furniture
Filing equipment / cabinets
Furniture for meeting rooms
General office furniture
Mobile shelving
Modular furniture systems, including panels, with wire management
Wall units and partition walls
Workplace furnishing for disabled

Furnishings for banks and insurance offices
Furnishings for conference rooms 
Furnishings for libraries
Furnishings for schools
Special furniture for main banking halls
Special furniture for sport facilities, cinemas and theatres, call centres
Special furniture for transport buildings/facilities (airports, stations, etc.)
Waiting rooms and other public spaces

Executive office chairs, armchairs and sofas
General office chairs, armchairs and sofas
Seats for theatres, cinemas and conference halls, sport facilities, etc.

Acoustic ceiling elements
Acoustic, wood, textile, plastic wall panelling and coverings
Acoustic ceiling systems
Acoustic and moveable partition walls
Acoustic furniture
Floor coverings
Floor coverings, textiles
Raised and acoustic floors

Air-conditioning equipment
Bullet-proof systems and doors
Fire prevention systems
Fire, smoke and gas alarm systems
Monitoring and control systems
Office heating and air-conditioning systems
Other alarm systems
Safes/strong boxes

Bar fridges 
Office furnishing accessories
Sunshades and blinds
Lighting systems
Workplace lighting

Fittings and equipments for conference rooms (audiovisuals, simoultaneous translation, call centre, etc.)
Planning and consultation for integrated systems
Audio/Video solutions with control systems

Management and planning consultants
Workspace facilities planning and consultation
Personnel training

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