Salone del Mobile Milano

12 April - 17 April 2016

Before Design: Classic

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016: the interpretation of classic

The Salone del Mobile.Milano has paid special homage to what came before “true” design: the Classic. The exhibition-event has told the story of classic Made in Italy taste, seen as a crosscutting category of inhabitation, timeless and therefore highly contemporary.

An integral part of the exhibition-event is “Before Design: Classic. Tradizione nel futuro", a short film by Matteo Garrone, one of the most highly esteemed Italian filmmakers of the last few years, who accepted our invitation to bring his poetic and powerful perspective to the project with great enthusiasm. 

With photography by Nicolai Bruel, this short, daring and visionary film aims to express an idea of the classical, deliberately overturning all cultural barriers with dreamlike charm, evocative pictures and glimpses into a future laid bare to the imagination.