The exhibition

Inside the exhibition space – 800 m2 inside the Salone – Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda have conceived a multisensory layout, with huge freedom of expression and great rigour, for displaying the different components of classic taste in its unswerving topicality, its balance between yesterday and today, between the memory of things past and a powerful inclination towards contemporary art.

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  • BDC_Sala-dei-Fantasmi_26_AR.jpg
  • BDC_Sala-dei-Fantasmi_27_AR.jpg

Through amazing and spectacular installations, seven rooms – Mirabilis, Light Room, Liberty Room, Shadow Room, Convivium, Music Room, Ghost Room –, each with its own particular atmosphere, showcase the many different essences of classic with pieces of furniture chosen as witnesses to a crosscutting and unique taste, leading to a space inspired by the Olympic Theatre at Sabbioneta.