The backstage

“I immediately found the “Before Design: Classic” project very interesting and I was very pleased to accept the challenge to talk about furniture, not through captions but through the medium of film. I really liked the basic idea, in which classic – understood as beautiful in a wider sense – traverses the different eras, preserving its own actual and contemporary characteristics and building a bridge to the future. This made me think of a post-atomic world, a shattered world of which children (who embody that pure gaze, the ability to perceive beauty) save a few pieces from the rubble, true “gems” that have lasted over time. Moving against the background of an enchanted place, in which there is a keen sense of its historical bonds, these little “custodians of taste” tidy up, clean up and preserve these pieces for the future, so that beauty continues to be handed down. The furniture becomes the absolute protagonist, surviving through the ages and embodying a unchanging contemporary taste.”

Matteo Garrone