Salone del Mobile Milano



Andrea Turri - President

The empathy of design


Having taken part in every single Salone del Mobile, from the very first until this latest edition, is indubitably one of the company’s strengths.
I remember the stories of the first edition* - says Andrea Turri - when being a part of the event was extremely out of the ordinary for a company from Brianza like ours: we finally had a chance to make ourselves known at international level. This opportunity marked a real turning point, we started doing more and more work for foreign clients and for architects from all over the world: it allowed us to grow and evolve into the international business that we are today.

Does one become attached to a particular piece?
My absolute favourite is the Genesis collection, a range of enduringly contemporary products. It was the first modern range the company produced and it tells its own story: it’s not a purely linear modern design, it was also inspired by Deco, and reflects the evolution of a company that started out producing purely classic furniture, but which then went on to develop more contemporary ranges as dictated by the demands of a continually changing market.

As regards design, how would you define it?
It’s the art of living luxury in any kind of environment: this is the philosophy behind our work and our research. The word design was invented to describe the process of conceptualising and conceiving everyday objects for industrial production with valid aesthetic properties in relation to the function of the object. As lovers and cultivators of Made in Italy luxury we have incorporated the meaning of this word into our philosophy, the ability to create and perpetuate luxury environments through the design of our products.

Any tips for becoming a good designer?
You need to know what it takes for people to become attached to an object, an environment; all this revolves around the emotions, the feeling sparked by your work. A designer has to have one gift in particular - “empathy” - the ability to identify with people through shared emotional situations. Experience is crucial for nurturing this gift; you have to travel and get to know different cultures and take other people’s knowledge on board, not just cultivating your own tastes and studying. A good designer can never stop learning, never feels as though he or she has “made it”, because one can always derive new stimuli and input that help us grow by means of the experiences that we go through at work and in life. 

How do you imagine design in the next 10-15 years?
My vision is of a truly multi-faceted design, with crosscutting styles, fashion and art, along with a desire to rediscover the roots of the craftsmanship and the history of different cultures. I imagine a type of design capable of telling “stories” while delivering practical purpose and usefulness.



*The companies that have taken part in all 56 editions of the Salone del Mobile are as follows: Besana, Flexform, Gervasoni, Giorgetti, IPE, Medea, Minotti, Misura Emme, Molteni & C., Pianca, Porro, Potocco, Roma Imperiale and Turri