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Trend research - HOUSE: functional domesticity

Functional domesticity: the physical space designed to host the experiences of the single individual or group. From microtrendes to the map for a reading of the scenario of contemporary living 

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Phygital House
Hyperconnected & intelligent living

The home as a new bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Domestic furnishings and objects become the interface through which these two worlds communicate, creating a seamless experiential continuum. This condition of smart connectivity makes the management of residential spaces fluid (even remotely), capable of responding in real time to the needs the inhabitants, transforming the home into a responsive, adaptive ecosystem. Furnishings are technologically ‘augmented’, acquiring genuine ‘superpowers’.


Shared House
Community living

It is the community-driven home that translates new possibilities of collaborative living, and ‘chosen families’ – those not bound by blood – who elect to cohabit by sharing the spaces of their domestic lives, giving rise to new formulas and typologies of living. It is the place where cohabitation is designed by people who share habits, values, inclinations and existential choices, or by humans and animals, full-fledged ‘houesemates’ with their own specific needs.


Enabling House
Living in wellness

This is the home that actively contributes to the wellness of its inhabitants through furnishings that ‘take care’ of those who use them, fostering ‘healthy’ behaviors and interactions for the body and mind.
It is the home that helps those who are not able to manage on their own due to incapacitating illness or old age. Faced with ever lengthening life expectancies, it is the place where design assumes a therapeutic character, for people with reduced mobility or functionality. 


SuperNormal House
Basic living

This is the home that simplifies life, where practicality and functionality come first and foremost, without sacrificing esthetic considerations. It designs ordinary everyday life in a simple and intelligent way, but never trivial, using minimal objects with high functional value capable of impacting positively on the quality of domestic life, or ‘redesigned’ everyday objects that make normality special. This return to an essential way of life also embraces low-consumption and low-intensity technologies.


Nomadic House
Temporary living

This is the home that responds to the desire for mobility and change. Like a mirror of the shifting fluidity of contemporary life, furnishings become easy to move and/or disassemble to facilitate the repositioning and/or reconfiguration of the living space. Taken to its extreme, the nomadic way of life is asserting itself as a new theme in the design of ‘portable’ living solutions. They are homes in every way, with all the comforts that can be easily set up in any part of the world, be it in the city or the countryside, redefining the landscapes around them.