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Trend research - The home as substrate of experience

The mega trends

The home is therefore a multifaceted universe, ever more layered with the experiences of the people who live, work, play, spend their time, cultivate their relationships and build their identities and biographies within its walls


The megatrends

The various meanings of contemporary living will this find a declension in trends, in turn described through ways of living that find expression in the objects that the home contains, that furnish and fill it.

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    Trend research

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Mapping the identified megatrends: interpretive grid and key to reading the scenario of contemporary living.

The megatrends on the map are the expression of the attitudes, practices and lifestyles that are shaping and modifying contemporary residential spaces, recounted from the dual point of view of the objects that populate them and the needs of the people who live in them.
The two axes of the map indicate the key dimensions of domesticity: functional (HOUSE) and emotional (HOME) on the vertical axis, and individual (Me) and social (We) on the horizontal.