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Trend research - Home: locus of emotion

The home as emotional experience, where the dweller rediscovers the individual dimension and reinvents the social one. From microtrends to the map for a reading the scenario of contemporary living.

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    Trend research

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Cosy Home
The life of the senses

The home that combines intimacy and ease, comfort and security, where values like authenticity, truth and ‘humanity’ guide the choices. This home is far from the dictates of ‘fashion’, where design represents a means of expression and not an end in itself. It is conceived as the space of the soul, of the heart, of life, intended both as routine and as specialness and indulgence. It is the place where one lives and returns to reconnect with oneself and one’s affective network.


Customized Home
Tailor-made living

This is the home built around the unique taste and style of its inhabitants. It is design that translates ostentatious luxury, in the sense of accumulation and/or collecting, as well as ‘personal’ luxury, i.e. the careful and informed quest for quality and uniqueness in non-repeatable furnishings, a mirror of the dweller’s inclinations and passions: from a love of the classic – whether traditional or contemporary – to eclecticism to the personalization of materials and fabrics. The domestic walls also become a space of experimentation and self-production where people put their own creativity to the test. It is the place for the one-of-a-kind pieces of the new digital craftsmanship, which, thanks to new rapid prototyping and 3D printing technologies, enable people to interact with designers and participate actively in the production process.


Wild Style Home
Back-to-nature living

This is the home that recreates nature within its walls. Here, design draws inspiration from the organic and plant world for the forms, colors and textures of its materials, which are ‘sustainable’ and/or ‘raw’, capable of generating a deliberately imperfect esthetic with strong hints of the rural ethos. It is the place that integrates nature and artifice in a quest for a rediscovered balance/harmony with the environment and biological cycles.


InsideOut Home
Hybrid living between indoors and out

The private home as increasingly open, public and ‘social’ space. This house is strongly contaminated by the outside, where spaces become the object of a continual renegotiation between the private and public spheres. It is a place that opens itself to aggregative, social experiences – often linked to the dynamics of digital culture (social eating, house concerts/theater, house swapping, etc.) – or to experiences that were originally the prerogative of public spaces (cinema, gym, office, museum, shop, etc.). In this sense, the domestic space becomes a continually evolving place that assumes the shifting characteristics of a social hub.