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Paris from another perspective


Can one become inured to beauty? To the aesthetic density of a city like Paris? As many Italians well know from living in places like Rome, Florence or Siena, considered the physical precipitate of the aesthetic canons that have shaped the course of Western art history - yes, it can happen. It is possible to become so accustomed to being surrounded by beauty as to no longer see it, to not consider it as a source of inspiration.
That's what happened to Sebastian Erras, who, in order to get back to photographing his beloved city, had to find a new way to look at it, a change of perspective that would help him rediscover Paris. And so, camera in hand and a map of the city always within reach, the young photographer began to roam Paris photographing its floors, and only its floors.
Mosaic and polychrome marble floors, ceramic and parquet floors, floral designs and geometric patterns, without any distinction between genres, epochs or ultimate function. Erras, through his Parisian Floors Instagram account (@parisianfloors), is gradually building a map of the French capital seen ‘from below’, also indirectly recounting the evolution of taste and decorative styles.