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Sidewalk Kintsukuroi Project

The traditional Japanese art of Kintsukuroi – repairing broken or shattered pottery with gold lacquer – is a reminder that the damage and flaws in the things around us are, just like their repairs, part of their history and our own, tangible signs of an existence that should be celebrated, not concealed.

Artist Rachel Sussman,, has attempted to apply this concept to the urban fabric, literally repairing holes and cracks in the streets of Brooklyn with a composite of tree sap, resin, bronze and 23 carat gold dust. The result – poetic and astonishing in its minimalism – bears witness to how beauty can blossom even in neglected places and imperfect situations. 

The preparatory studies created with photographs hand-painted with enamel and metallic dust form part of the Sidewalk Kintsukuroi project, as does Sussman’s installation for the Des Moines Art Center (Iowa), in which she has filled in the cracks in the marble floor with gold resin.