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Diego Berjon x Kate Banazi


Artists Kate Banazi and artist Diego Berjon have never met. The former is based in Australia, the other in Spain, yet they have embarked upon an extremely intimate and personal artistic journey together.

Since their first meeting on Instagram, and communicating solely by email and letter, Kate and Diego have worked to create a body of artworks – in a mixture of acrylic paint, ink on paper, screen printing – that explore the quest for the human connection within the artistic process itself. The artists have moved out of their own comfort zones, leaving each other to complete unfinished works that began single-handedly.

“Our pieces speak of trust and respect, but also about generosity, unselfishness and the idea of sharing something that is deeply personal and unique, such as a painting. We believe we do it to find maturity – the equivalent of learning to share a favourite toy with your baby brother when you’re 5 years old. When you’re able to learn that lesson, it brings liberation and freedom”, says Berjon.

Their work is available to view and to purchase at: