Manual Skill


The art of making
“There was an extremely powerful group of small craftsmen who were absolutely invaluable. Invaluable because they enabled us to produce our models, I don’t mean with our own hands but with theirs, knowing, understanding whether or not they could use their own discretion.”

For Vico Magistretti, working with craftsmen meant drawing on their experience to check the feasibility of his projects. Pierluigi Ghianda says that Vico Magistretti went to see him in his workshop while working on the Vidun table for De Padova, and asked him to make the first model for it. Magistretti explained that the concept was a table inspired by traditional work tables, with a central support on 4 legs.


It was Ghianda who suggested a three-legged solution, because the table legs would otherwise have resembled a swastika. It would also be more stable, as evidenced by the milking stools used in the Brianza area. Vico Magistretti, not entirely convinced, asked him to make both models: Vidun has three legs.


Vico Magistretti always said he would never have known how to make the joint between the leg and the seat of a chair, for example. He added that in any case he would have developed that chair with someone who had made them in spades, so it would have been he who told him which joint was the best, the strongest, the simplest to make …. 



Incastro sedia Carimate, courtesy Cassina


Vico Magistretti in Cassina, courtesy Cassina