Aula Gamma, Milan Polytechnic University, Via Ampère 2

Round table on the Method and Work of Franco Albini, touching on the values of the Master of Italian Rationalism

Introduced by Federico Bucci, Marco Biraghi and Francesco Zurlo

Moderator: Marco Biraghi

Contributors: Carlo Bertelli, Carlo Olmo, Beppe Finessi, Mauro Galantino and Enrico Pinna


Franco Albini Foundation
Via Telesio 13
every day: 10-6
closed Saturday and Sunday
except 13-14 May and 10-11 June

An exhibition of original images by Franco Albini, taken as a tourist or traveller, along with 8mm videos also filmed by the architect and shown to the public for the very first time.

Curated by Marco Albini and Stefano Setti

In partnership with the Franco Albini Foundation 


5 - 30 May 2017
Guido Nardi Exhibition Space, Milan Polytechnic University
Via Ampère 2, Milan
8.30am - 6.30pm

Franco Albini is re-read from a number of different perspectives, some of them original: the fundamental “meetings”involving other luminaries in his historical and cultural milieu with whom he shared elective affinities; the intimate images of an intense yet private life, the messages in bottles, characteristic of many of his works, which still provide interesting cultural and design-related food for thought.

The exhibition marks the 10th anniversary of the Franco Albini Foundation, to be celebrated over the course of 2017 with 10 different events entitled Making a Mark: From Yesterday to Tomorrow, designed to promulgate a design approach that still holds good. 

The exhibition is supported by the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic University, in partnership with the Milan Polytechnic University Design School.

Curators: Giampiero Bosoni and Marco Albini

Display: Studio Marco and Francesco Albini Associati


7 April, encore performance, 16 May 6:00pm,
LAB Immagine - PoliDESIGN - Edificio 2, via Giuseppe Candiani 72, Milan

The Colours of Reason
Franca Helg, the “grande dame of architecture”

duration: 1 h

The story of a woman. And of a great architect. In a man’s world.

A fine example of emancipation forging a path in a predominantly male world, she has taken part in many of the Albini architectural studio’s most successful projects that have made Milan great and achieved international renown.

Text and direction: Paola Albini
Performer: Tiziana Francesca Vaccaro
Set design: Lorenza Pambianco

Free entry, reservation required:


6 April

“The courage of your own time” is a play about few architects that changed our way of life creating a new language, the Modern one. The story is about the thoughts of a group of artists during the Italian Fascist regime.

A story that speaks to the new generations to tell them that art and profession could be a way to emancipate people in all historical period. 

The city of Milan was the protagonist while La Triennale di Milano and Casabella had a main role spreading out the values of the Modern Movement.

Text and direction: Paola Albini
Actor: Enrico Ballardini
Composer: Alessandro Nidi, 
Music Execution: Elio Baldi Cantù 

Free entry, reservation required:


3 April, 12 noon
Triennale di Milano

The meeting is at 12pm at the Balena room of the Triennale, then we will go together to Viale Curie to see the murals.
The students of "Scenografia di Luce”, a course by Gianni Ravelli, from the Design School of Politecnico of Milan, will realise two murals (total length: 120 sqm) dedicated to Franco Albini’s design. The two murals has been realised in collaboration with Municipio 1 and with the patronage of La Triennale di Milano.