04 April - 09 April 2017

Crystal Passion

Renzo Del Ventisette & C sas

Viale Premuda, 7

From 1948 Renzo Del Ventisette leader in classic lighting field, has chosen to get to the heart of the events of the Fuori Salone, revisiting the historic showroom downtown Milano offering an elegant collection of chandeliers and lamps from the original design and timeless elegance.
In the showroom they are perpetually exposed chandeliers of big dimension, late '800 ' 900 French and English furniture , antique frames, mirrors and objects from all around the world.
They can boast numerous collaborations with the most 'major Italian fashion brands, including Prada and Dolce & Gabbana.
A space where time seems stalled with the elegance of an era that no longer exists. Proud custodians of unique items for their beauty and craftsmanship.