04 April - 09 April 2017

Poesie di Neon

Kundalini S.r.l.

Gallerie D'Italia - Manzoni street 10

An illuminated gaze, contemporary and reverent that, between past and future stages light scriptures, metaphors of time and space trip. Guests in the colonnade of Palazzo Anguissola and the Alessandro Manzoni’s Garden, treasure chests of our memory and eternal words. The light installations by Luca Trazzi for Kundalini made of neon tubes, are designed in a play of empty and full, colors, lights and shadows, quotations of forms and promises, "devotes allegorical" of a lost love, remind the viewer's thoughts another historic symbol of the city, the Palazzo Carminati facade in Piazza del Duomo. From poetry neon seems to relive the memory of the time of the carousels.