31 March - 09 April 2017

Visions of the future


Via Turati, 2

In the occasion of the 2017 edition of Salone del Mobile, Visionnaire presents its first " artists' showcase " with an installation of Enrico T. De Paris.

Since the beginning, in the early ‘90s, the works of the multimedia artist Enrico T. De Paris, have been created using several types of expressive languages, from painting to installation, from video to digital images, in order to convey his own personal interpretation of the world. Everything is plunged into a whirl of light and sound, glass, plastic and steel, evoking the disorder, created for communicate a message in search of a new dimension.

Giving importance to people rights and dreams and to the future of all humanity, De Paris describes a future where nature is in grave danger; where biotechnologies, and powerful pharmaceutical and agro-chemical food multinational companies contaminate the present. With his works, he provides metaphors, which work as descriptive and premonitory conceptual models.

Installations, site-specific in many cases, transform the space in which they are displayed in a place for reflection on the contemporary world: this look towards the future inspires him to conceive installations without a center. These are projected in our eyes and, subsequently, in our minds, to build unstable and evolving dimensions.