Salone del Mobile Milano

Tom Dixon



How is the accessibility of design evolving and how do you think the Salone del Mobile reflects this change?

These days the sharing economy enables design to become an experience in its own right, going beyond the confines of the object and the ownership of the object itself. One takes part in the Salone del Mobile, the most important event in the world devoted to design, not to acquire products but for the all-encompassing and gratifying experience. It’s no longer just a Trade Fair: the Salone del Mobile’s become a Festival. It’s where companies can experiment with new and innovative ways of selling their products by creating experiences that are unique, powerful and in the round, engaging all the users’ senses, making them slow down, in a bid to hold their attention for as long as it takes to set out the message that a certain product is trying to send.

I do everything I can to stand out from the infinite number of proposals put forward each year: I sell food, show films, spread music … In the digital era, you need to fight to grab people’s attention. And so the Salone becomes entertainment. Companies need to evolve by creating design made up not just of experience but also of communication.