Salone del Mobile Milano

Moritz Waldemeyer



Light will be one of the focal points of the next edition of the Salone del Mobile. Technology, innovative products, efficacy and design: what inspires you and where is the lighting world going?

As a light designer I’m lucky: I have the opportunity to work in all sorts of different sectors, from interior design to theatres and spaces dedicated to art and musical productions. This means that cross-pollination becomes the keynote of my work and I am committed to bringing innovation, efficacy and design into every field. For instance, I’m very interested in the use of light in theatre or in a musical context: it engenders atmospheres that are both evocative and stirring. This is why I try to apply this luminous approach to other spaces too, both private and professional. I’m backed up by technology, which allows me to manipulate light, to make it responsive, to create special atmospheres and bring in the end user as a co-creator of emotion.

How do you see the relationship between technology and aesthetics in lighting projects of the future?

Technology will become increasing integrated into projects and end products to such an extent that it will become imperceptible, it will disappear in the face of what is becoming an increasingly important pursuit of aesthetics and emotions. In a recent project, we put together an innovative lighting system using LEDs that could not be seen within the home but were capable of projecting two different types of light: blue upward lighting and white downward lighting. We took inspiration from a Swiss winter landscape and wanted to recreate that same luminous magic inside the space. Equally, technology is becoming increasingly complicated: we want our lighting appliances to communicate with each other, with our smartphones, with our tablets. This is why systems will become increasingly open source to allow for flexible solutions with great emotional content.