Salone del Mobile Milano

Calvin Tsao



“In design and architecture, living trends create moods for the industry and determine how personal space may influence daily lifestyles. How living and design are evolving nowadays? What are the significant trends you see for the further development of the design?”

Design and architecture reflect the societies they serve, evolving with changing needs and desires. When we are attuned to societies changing needs, we can provide the right support but when our designs do not reflect this understanding, they result in fanciful commodities, disconnected from cultural currents.

Globalization is a primary cultural current, forcing different societies to intersect, even though they don’t necessarily understand each other. As a response, visual and lifestyle languages are being deconstructed in order to find a universal global aesthetic. 

Design’s role within this context is to find a balance between seeking the universal and respecting the local context. we do this by ensuring our designs are clear in their value systems so that people can connect with it, and declare out cultural signifiers so people know where it comes from.

This way we don’t compromise our regional specificities, while still seeking universalities.

“Contemporary design seeks to address human needs and emotions. Nowadays technology plays an important role in design. Will new technologies reshape the design landscape?”

While emotions might be universal, human needs and the things that solicit those emotions differ depending on their cultural contexts. We need to understand this before we use technology to generate specific solutions. The inquiry and objectives those solutions serve still need to be determined by people and still require a human impetus.

I want to set a trend of designers understanding more the technological tools at their disposal but at the same time allowing equal space for the human hand; integrating technology and craft.